Welcome to Dhu Mohr Deerhounds

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Having bred Scottish Deerhounds for over 50 years, we are here to help both the new owner and the longtime Deerhound lover.  We have puppies available occasionally by reservation.  And very occasionally, we have an adult who returns to us looking for a special lifetime home.

Scottish Deerhounds have been characterized as the most perfect creature of heaven, and we've found the Deerhounds that have called us their own do seem to be, if not perfect, then close to it. 


Physically large, the Deerhound has also been called the gentle giant, and truly this is an apt description, as they softly nudge us for another caress or carefully take a tidbit from our hands, making sure their teeth don't touch our tender fingers.  

Their rough coat needs but little brushing to keep it in good fettle, and the softness of their brow and beard blows gently in the breeze when they stand out in the field, head to the wind and eye alert and keen.  

A mighty sight in the field, the Deerhound is also content to curl up in the house near his family with a head resting on a foot or knee, just happy to be close to those s/he loves.  

And at the shows, their calm demeanor and dignified presence is often remarked upon by passers by as we wait to be judged in conformation classes.  They're also always accepting of admiring pats and ear scratches, which seems to endear them to bystanders.

All in all, a Deerhound is a most perfect companion!

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