How we raise puppies here at Dhu Mohr...

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We feel strongly that in order for them to develop to be the wonderful companions that they can be, Deerhounds need to receive lots of personal attention and exposure to a wide variety of experiences as they grow.  Our pups are whelped in our home and are raised indoors.  They are picked up, cuddled, and handled every day, so that they are familiar with our smell and associate it with pleasurable touch.  We talk to them also, even though they can’t hear till their ears open at around two weeks. 

At two weeks, we start to also play music in their room, so they become accustomed to a variety of sounds and volumes.  When their eyes open, we’re there to pick them up and let them see our smiling faces while we tell them how wonderful they are!  We sit in the whelping box with mom and pups every day, enjoying them and also evaluating their structural qualities.  At about three weeks, we begin giving them food--at first, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, and yogurt and then moving on to that with soaked and mashed kibble.  At three weeks, too, we begin to separate the whelping box into two sections, one side holding their blankets and the other side covered with newspaper, and within a surprisingly short time, we can see them go to the papers to eliminate!  They’re also given small soft toys to play with now.


By four weeks the babies are outgrowing the confines of their whelping box, and they need much more stimulation and space to explore.  So they’re moved outside to their puppy pen with mom.  The puppy pen has a well insulated puppy house (insulated floor, ceiling, and walls), and lots of bigger “playground” stuff for them.  There’s a teeter totter, a wobble board, a walkover, jugs to chew on and throw around, big knuckle bones, and chew toys, to name some of them.  Each day some of the pups are also brought into the house so they stay used to the normal sights and sounds of a household, and sometimes the whole litter will come in for playtime in the back room, where they get to play with all the “big dog” toys on a couple of big soft dog beds.  

We send pups off to their new homes at about nine weeks, after their health checks and tests are all done.  We want pups to go to their new families at the best time for bonding with their people, and in our experience, this is the time that works best.  Each pup gets LOTS of individual attention at a time when its really critical, and they’re ready to start learning housebreaking rules, too.  

Here's a link to a video of a puppy litter at Dhu Mohr:

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