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Why do we show in the conformation ring?

We are constantly striving to improve the structural quality of our hounds; each breeding we do is focused on solidifying our dog’s strengths and improving the areas where we feel the need.  We love the looks of our Deerhounds, and we love them personally, and that can obscure our objective judgment, since we see and appreciate them every day.  

In order for us to maintain the objectivity that we feel is essential in a breeding program, it’s useful for us to see them in a group of other Deerhounds so that we can compare qualities of our dogs with others’ dogs.  Winning is always wonderful and a great boost, but in reality we are trying to see the total picture of what we’ve produced in terms of how we’ve applied the standard.  The best way to do this is to visually compare our stock to other Deerhounds.  

Over the past 40+ years, this has proven really useful to us.  Showing also gives us a look at what other bloodlines/dogs might contribute to our breeding success.     

Below is our Flyer at the SDCA National Specialty 2013, showing how he moves, before winning BW, Best in Futurity and Best Bred by Exhibitor.

8I2Q2772 Flyer moving! copy

              (Please note his mother Quinnie and his niece Viva also, to the right!)                

        It runs in the family, this movement!

Mentoring you…

If you are new to showing, or even if you’ve bred other breeds but want to get a handle on pedigrees and bloodlines in Deerhounds, we’re here on a lifetime basis to provide whatever help we can to you in your Deerhound venture.  We feel strongly that we need newcomers to our breed in order to have people to pass the torch to when we leave.  

If we can help you show off your dog to best advantage or help you in any way, we’d like to.  The only way we can help new people and our breed is to offer whatever we’ve learned over our years in the breed.  We hope you’ll find it’s valuable to you.

Our Breed Standard…

Take a look at the breed standard for Scottish Deerhounds as it was approved in March 1935.  This is the official Breed Standard and what we strive to achieve in our breeding program. 

Spotlighting some of our hounds in the showring…

Take a look at some more photos of our Deerhounds in the ring over the years.

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