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Our home is located on the western edge of the beautiful Finger Lakes area of upstate New York, about an hour south of Rochester.

Every morning we look to the east and enjoy the lovely valley that spreads out below the farm where there’s plenty of space for us and for our Deerhounds.

Many years ago and far away, Dhu Mohr was given its start in 1966, and although our first Deerhound was never bred, she gave birth to a love affair with the breed that has lasted over 50 years.

During our years in the breed, we’ve competed in conformation, lure coursing, and Obedience. But our life with the Deerhounds is much more than just showing and performance. It is a rich and rewarding experience that has taught us about gentle spirits and loyalty and unconditional love.

Our dogs are all family members who live in our home and share their lives with us. Our life with them is about walks in the hills and woods and heads in our laps and just the steady security of knowing they’re always there for us, willing to share in our joys and support us in our sorrows.

Additionally, some of our greatest treasures in our years in the breed are the beautiful friendships we’ve enjoyed with the people who have lived with and loved the puppies they’ve taken into their lives and homes.